Yihua 858d Soldering Rework Station Hot Air Gun Smd Rework Station 110v 600w With Led Digital Displays + 3 Nozzles (yihua 858d),.

Instruction: 1. Put the unsoldering equipment ready, and leave handle on the holder 2. Connect the power 3. Set the blast nozzle (large caliber nozzle preferred). 4. Switch on the power, the screen display"-", it represents standby model (Available in microcomputer with digital LED) 5. Press▲or▼ button (revolving switch)as to set up the temperature. (Available in microcomputer with digital LED) 6. Turn the temperature switch as to set up the required temperature. (Available in luminous discharge tube display indication 7. Hold the handle, so the equipment begins to heat. Adjust the revolving switch of airflow in order to select suitable airflow, and begin to operate normally while the temperature is table. 8. Put back the handle on the holder after work; meanwhile, the unsoldering equipment switch from heating mode to cooling heating element mode automatically. While the temperature is lower than 100C,the screen displays"-" it stands for switching to standby mode, and after the temperature of heating element is less than 70C,the equipment is on standby (if there is airflow out, it means the temperature is higher than 70C;and there is no airflow only after the temperature is lower than 70C) 9. To switch off the power unplug if there is no operation for a long time Specifications: Operating Volatge: 110V Output Power:650W Type of Pump & Airflow: Brushless fan with soft air Noise: Less than 45dB Work Environment: 0~40℃ Storage humidity: 35%~45% Temperature Range: 100 ℃ to 500 ℃ Air Flow: Max. 120L/min

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