2in1 878ad Soldering Iron Rework Station Hot Air Gun + Tip + 3 Nozzles Heat Gun Holder Welder Yihua

Hot Air Gun: 650 watts, 110V temperature control from 100C (212F) to 450C (842F) (+/- 2C [+/- 3.6F] accuracy). When you turn off the hot air gun, or place it onto its holster, it has a safety cool-down feature which keeps the fan on until the temperature drops below 100C. Note that the digital display is ONLY for the hot air gun, not the soldering iron, and that it only displays in degrees Celcius, NOT Fahrenheit. For safety reasons (since it uses full wall voltage), the hot air gun is *not* unpluggable from the base station. Removable Soldering Iron (model 907A, 5-prong): 50 watts, 24VAC temperature control from 200C (392F) to 480C (896F) (+/- 2C [+/- 3.6F] accuracy). Iron heats up quickly and is controlled via the analog knob which has both Celsius and Fahrenheit markings. Like the hot air gun, the soldering iron uses a closed-loop feedback temperature control system to precisely hold the set temperature. A single LED indicator lights up when the soldering iron is heating, and turns off when power is internally disconnected by the automatic temperature controller, thereby showing the automatic temperature control function in action. The soldering iron is easily unpluggable from the base station. Due to the internal temperature control system, temperature control is not affected by air flow. Digital LED display shows precise temperature of the air flow from the hot air gun. Temperature is set very easily via the digital up/down buttons. Unit is great for heating SMD (surface mount) and other components safety and quickly. Very durable, high quality nichrome heating coil and quiet, brushless fan. Hot air gun comes with its own plastic holder. When the gun is placed into the holder a sensor automatically turns the unit off and puts it into its "safety cool-down" mode, where it turns off the heating element but keeps the fan on until hot air gun temperature is below 100C.

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