2 In 1 Smd Soldering Hot Air Rework Station + Stand 3 Nozzle 5 Tips 852d+ Iron Yihua

Samsung Micro Computer control built in for very quick warm up. Stable and accurate temperature control. Amount of airflow does not impact temperature Soldering Iron. The Hot Air Gun can be used at the same time or independently as the user needs. High end ESD design protects sensitive components Lead Free Soldering 28L Diaphragm pump Adjustable temperature control and Airflow Great For -Pre-heating, lacquer removal, glue soldering, heat shrinking, ice out viscosity removing. Plastic Stand included with sponge to keep hot iron safe, metal stand to keep hot gun safe. Samsung Microchip design allows cool airflow to dramatically extend the life and safe operation of the product Great for PLCC, QEP, BGA, SOIC, Chip and other components sensitive to temperature Dimensions 5'' X 8" x 11" 110v 50/60HZ Includes Important Safety Note- REMOVE THE RED METAL PROTECTIVE SCREW at the bottom of the station before using - the screws are only there to protect the unit in transportation - it needs to be removed failure to remove can short out the hot air. Hot Air Gun Spec: Air flow volume: 24-30L/Min Temp. Control: 100-500 degree C Temp. Stability: +/-2 degree C Power consumption: 550W Air pump type: Diaphragm pump Soldering Iron Spec: Power consumption: 60W Temp. Control: 100-500 degree C Temp. Stability: +/-2 degree C Heater Material: Nichrome List of included components Main Soldering Station/ Hot Air Gun/ Hot iron included- 3 nozzles included, steel holder included 6 iron tips - 5 in the bag and 1 already installed in the iron. Plastic stand with sponge reinforced IC Extractor steel holder Iron temp- 212- 900 degrees F Hot Air Temp - 212 - 932 F All temp readouts are in Celsius

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